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Emerald Chronometer Atlantis Emerald Chronometer Atlantis

The dial at the 9 o'clock position of Atlantis displays the day of the week.

The pointer at 10:30 indicates standard or daylight time.

The big dials at 12 indicate the month and day; read the day with the long hand, the month with the short one.

At 3 o'clock is an ordinary clock with an AM/PM indicator just above.

The four digit year is displayed by four dials across the lower portion of the watch.

The 4-way indicator in the lower left shows which of the Gregorian calendar leap year rules applies to this year. (Years prior to 1582 used the Julian calendar and so did not use the 100 and 400 year rules.)

The indicator in the lower right shows the current era.

To make them easier to read, but unlike ordinary clock hands, the hands on the year dials do not take intermediate positons between the numbers.

In set mode, the upper pusher advances by a century, the lower one by a year.

On the back, Atlantis displays the watch's current latitude and longitude in the same fashion. These values are updated only every 30 minutes (in order to save battery energy). To force an update, toggle the automatic location switch on the location Options screen.

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