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Emerald Chronometer Controls


Tap the crown to stop the watch and enter Set mode. Then drag the hands directly or tap the day/date windows to advance by one unit. Press and hold to animate the display rapidly. Tap the crown again to exit Set mode and restart the watch.

The Reset button appears whenever the watch's time is not correct. Tap Reset to return to the correct time (and exit Set mode).

Swipe left or right to switch to another watch.

Most watches have Geneva has pushers which appear on the edge of the case in Set mode; they advance the time by various amounts. by amounts appropriate to each watch, the upper one by a larger amount than the lower one. Some watches have pushers that are always available that perform special functions for that watch.

With the crown out, you can tap the forward/backward button to reverse the watch's direction and to reverse the meaning of the pushers and day/date window buttons. (Not present on all watches)

Tap the back button to see the other side of the watch. Many watches have additional complex displays on the back. Geneva has another complex display on the back.

Tap the night button to switch to/from night mode.

Tap the options button to show Emerald Chronometer's options settings.

Tap the info button to see the help information. Navigate like a web browser. Links marked with "" will exit Emerald Chronometer and switch to Safari. Click the Done button at the top to return to the watch display.

Tap the switcher button to enter the watch Switcher. Then just tap the name of a watch to switch directly to it. Or tap the Edit button at the top right to enter the watch Editor which lets you choose which watches appear and change their order.

Tap the grid button to enter Emerald Chronometer's 2-dimensional grid display mode where all the active watches are displayed at once. Tap a watch to return to normal view of that watch. Swipe left or right to enter the watch Editor to change which watches are displayed. The active watches will expand to fill the available space.

Tap anywhere else to briefly display the iPhone status bar, the name of the current watch, and the status indicators.


There are two indicator lights at the top corners of the screen. The left one shows Emerald Chronometer's time synchronization status while the right one shows its location status. The lights are green if Emerald Chronometer is successfully synchronized; blinking means the operation is in progress. A location fix is marked as 'green' if it is less than 30 minutes old, so even in airplane mode the location status may appear green until the previous fix is older than that. The location indicator will be purple if the location is set manually. The time indicator will be purple if the manually set timezone is not the same as the iPhone's default. See Option Settings for more.

You can tap the indicator lights to bring up a page that shows more detail.

There is also a yellow musical note which only appears when an alarm is set. Tapping it switches to the next watch with an alarm set.

Labels also appear beneath these indicators when the status line is visible.


Emerald Chronometer displays astronomical data accurately for all dates forward to 2800 and backward to 4000 BCE. See here for more information.

Click here for an index of features and complications in all the watches.

To make it easier to tap and drag the watch's controls, swiping to switch watches is disabled in Set mode. But you can still switch to another watch using the Switcher or grid mode.

Sometimes you may have to move a hand out of the way in order to be able to tap a day or date window.

When the watch's time is set to a value before 1 CE the year windows will be red.

When a the watch's time has been changed, its front and back will display the same time, but other watches will not be affected. time. Also, a red banner appears at the top of the screen showing the difference between the watch's display and the correct time. In grid mode, a red outline will appear around watches whose time is not correct.

Emerald Chronometer uses the iPhone's location information to calculate the times of astronomical events like sunrise and sunset. If you are unable to get a location fix or if you want to see the information for another location you can set the location manually; see Option Settings for details.

There is also an option to temporarily disable the iPhone's auto-lock feature so that Emerald Chronometer's display stays on continuously.

Clicking the Done button at the top of Help screens returns to the watch whose help is currently being displayed. Clicking the left arrow in the upper left goes back to the previous Help page.

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