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Emerald Sequoia Privacy Statement

General policy for all products

Emerald Sequoia LLC takes privacy very seriously.

We do not send any information of any kind to our servers or anyone else's servers. All calculations, including those that use user location, are done on-device without the need to send your location or other data to a server.

We store the last location we got from the OS on your device, to more quickly start up with the correct astronomical displays. No other history of device location is stored.

We keep email that you send to us, so we can track bugs and so that we can occasionally let you know if a feature you've requested has been implemented or a bug you've reported has been fixed. We never send other unsolicited email and we will never sell or give away your email address to another company.

If you register your email address with our blog, and sign up for notifications when new blog entries are posted, that email is used only for that purpose and will not be used in any other way.

Emerald Chronometer for Wear OS

We follow all of the privacy notes listed above in the general section.

We store per-face settings, such as which cities appear in Terra and Gaia, again only on the device.

Products for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)

We follow all of the privacy notes listed above in the general section.

Emerald Chronometer for iOS and Emerald Geneva for iOS store your user settings, including a history of the locations you've previously used to override the device location; this history is again stored only on the device and we never send it anywhere.

Emerald Timestamp for iOS stores the events you have recorded on the device, along with any descriptions you have entered. We never transfer those events to any server, except if you explicitly request to email them, and then only to the email address you specify.

Emerald Observatory for the iPad stores your user settings, including the overridden location if you've set one, again only on the device.

Emerald Time for iOS stores your user settings, including which NTP time server you've specified, again only on the device.

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