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Padua (a university where Galileo Galilei) taught) is another of Emerald Chronometer's orreries, like Firenze.

Padua is a down-to-Earth view of the solar system. The outer perimeter of the face is marked with compass directions and each planet (now including the Sun but not the Earth) is shown according to where it is in the sky at the watch's time and location. The planets' altitudes are not shown. Half of the perimeter is covered by a partially transparent moving mask which indicates the points at which the ecliptic intersects the horizon. Except for the Sun, the Horizon indicator is only a rough guide; planets close to the horizon may be visible when behind Firenze's mask (or vice versa) if they do not exactly lie in the ecliptic plane at the current time.

In ambient mode, the same information is displayed, but with a black background to save energy.

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