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I'm seeing crashes (Emerald Geneva just abruptly disappears).
If you see a crash with the latest versions of Emerald Geneva and iPhone OS, and you're not running a jailbroken phone (see below), PLEASE report it to the email address below.

Will it work on an iPod® touch?
Yes. But see here for more about setting your time and location correctly.

Will Emerald Geneva work without an Internet connection (eg. out in the wilderness where even cell phone service is unavailable)?
Yes. Time and location are all that we need; all of the astronomy calculations are done internally with no Internet required. See here for more about setting your time and location correctly.

The sunrise/sunset times are wrong on my iPod touch.
You may need to enter your latitude and longitude manually. You do this via the Settings panel which is accessed from the "gear" button in the lower right corner of the screen. See here for more details.

Will it work on a jailbroken iPhone?
Probably not. We don't support that configuration and we've had reports of odd problems.

What's all this about "complications"? What's so complicated about a little calculation?
Well, the calculations are actually pretty complex. But "complication" is a term of art in the horology (fancy watch) world. It refers to any watch display other than hours, minutes, and seconds (or sometimes simple day/date). See:
Emerald Geneva has a very large number of complications; here's a list.

I leave my iPhone in its dock to charge and love to see Geneva all of the time. But how can I do that without disabling Auto-lock completely?
There are two Settings items that let you disable Auto-lock when running Emerald Geneva, either all of the time or only when plugged in. Be careful; if the iPhone is not plugged in, leaving the display on can drain the battery in just a few hours. See here for more details.

When I start up Emerald Geneva sometimes the hands jump just as the time synchronization indicator turns green.
Yup. Until we get the first reply from an NTP server we don't really know what the right time is. It will be stable after that.

My eyes aren't what the used to be and some of those dials and hands are awfully small. Can you implement a zoom feature?
The latest iPhone and iPod touch models have a way to do a zoom on any app. Go to Settings=>General=>Accessibility and click on Zoom. The zoom gestures are explained on that page. If you don't find this setting, make sure you have the latest iPhone OS.

Since I bought Emerald Geneva, I've started getting spam about watches!
Emerald Sequoia has not ever sold, nor will we ever sell, email addresses of our customers or of anyone else who contacts us via email. We hate spam as much as you do.

It sure would be nice if ...
Don't hesitate to send us enchancement requests or ideas for new watches. Some of the ideas we've gotten have been really interesting! We're only a two-person company, so we can't promise if or when any particular request will be implemented. But the more requests we get from our customers for a particular feature the higher its priority becomes. Unless we think it's really cool and do it right away. smiley

The iPhone isn't designed for the wrist! How can I get the full experience of actually wearing a fine mechanical timepiece?
If you're desperate, you could try this.  But we don't recommend it. :-)

I thought upgrades were free but the App Store seems to have no option other than "Buy Now".
Yes, that's a bit odd. But it really is free. Just click the "$4.99" button and the "Buy Now" button and enter your password. After a bit you'll see a message saying, "You have already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK."

I tried to upgrade to the latest version and got a message saying I needed to pay again. I thought the upgrades were free?
This is most likely the result of a mix up in your iTunes configuration. It probably doesn't recognize you as the one who bought the original version, perhaps because you have more than one iTunes account.

It may also be that the account you used with the App Store app on your iPhone is not the same as the one you're using with iTunes. If so, and you don't want to change that, then just get the upgrade directly on your iPhone via the App Store application.

I want my money back <for whatever reason>
Unfortunately, Apple does not provide developers like us a way to refund or annul a purchase, as far as we've been able to discover. One thing that may work, though, is to use the iTunes® store feedback process described at
One of the great benefits of the way Apple set up the iPhone application distribution system is that developers don't have to get involved in the billing process. One of the negatives is that we have no direct way to help even if we want to.


We work hard to make Emerald Geneva as close to perfect as we can. But we're realists. And we're here to help. So if you have a problem just send mail to
Please read the documentation and check the FAQs first. Make sure you have the latest version (see the Release Notes); it's displayed at the bottom of each Help screen. We try to respond quickly but we're only a two-person company so occasional delays are inevitable.


We would also very much appreciate any comments you may have about how we can improve Emerald Geneva in the future. We would love to hear your ideas. Use the email address above.

Release Notes

Click here to see the release notes.

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