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Shutdown update


We’ve settled on November 1, 2023 as the date our apps will be removed from the stores (see our post about it). We will continue to respond to support requests through December 31 but will be unable to help you if an app has been removed from your device.

Emerald Sequoia’s future


The tl;dr After 14 years, Emerald Sequoia LLC will be shutting down at the end of 2023 and our apps will no longer be available. The details On November 1, 2023 all of our apps (iOS and WearOS) will be removed from their respective stores. Until then, it will be business as usual: The apps […]

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for this, and we’ve finally put it in the can: We’ve just hit the App Store with an iPad version of Emerald Chronometer, called “Emerald Chronometer HD”. You can see the press release here, some images here, and the App Store page here. Once again this was more work […]


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There will be a lunar eclipse later this month, visible in the Americas (a total eclipse, around midnight on the night of Dec 20-21, weather willing) and parts of Australia (partial eclipse just after sunset on the 21st) and Great Britain (partial eclipse just before sunrise on the 21st). Emerald Chronometer (and Emerald Geneva) have […]

Retina support and app size

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The new iPhone 4 support that Bill just posted about required a whole new set of artwork, which is why it took so long for us to get this support out. Most simple apps simply use built-in widgets and graphic routines to render their displays, and those apps got Retina support simply by recompiling. (Our […]

iPhone 4 support

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We’re about to release a new version of Emerald Chronometer with high-resolution graphics for the Retina display.  iPhone 3 users won’t see much difference but iPhone 4 users will finally get the full benefit of their new screens.  It makes a huge difference, especially on all our small text:

Current projects

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Just a quick note to update you on what we’re doing at this moment: Our iPad app Emerald Observatory squeaked in under the wire (with 35 minutes to spare!) to make it into the store by iPad launch day (April 3).  That consumed most of our attention for the months of February and March. We’ve […]