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First, thanks again for the many kind words about our apps. As we’ve noted several times here, this was always a labor of love for Bill & me and seeing your comments has been extremely gratifying. Some tentatively good news: The code for most of our iOS apps is now on GitHub, at https://github.com/EmeraldSequoia. A small […]

Bill & I have long had an unpublished app with a bunch of watch faces that we didn’t think were quite ready for the world to see. Some are unfinished, some are not up to our standards of polish, some are too similar to other faces, and some just seemed to have minimal value for […]

Shutdown update


We’ve settled on November 1, 2023 as the date our apps will be removed from the stores (see our post about it). We will continue to respond to support requests through December 31 but will be unable to help you if an app has been removed from your device.

Emerald Sequoia’s future


[Edit 2023/10/23: See specific update for Emerald Chronometer and Emerald Chronometer for the iPad here.] [Edit: Please also see our updates here and here.] The tl;dr After 14 years, Emerald Sequoia LLC will be shutting down at the end of 2023 and our apps will no longer be available. The details On November 1, 2023 […]

Leap Seconds

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The latest versions in the store of our digital timekeeping apps, Emerald Time and Emerald Timestamp, support leap seconds. We had a chance to test them during the leap second at the end of last month. You can see a movie we took of the apps running here…

Welcome to the blog


Thanks for looking in on us. We’ve created this blog so that we can communicate to our customers; Apple does not provide us with any customer email addresses, so this is the best mechanism we have come up with. We’re not sure what the volume will be until we get going.  But there will be […]