First, thanks again for the many kind words about our apps. As we’ve noted several times here, this was always a labor of love for Bill & me and seeing your comments has been extremely gratifying.

Some tentatively good news: The code for most of our iOS apps is now on GitHub, at A small number of volunteers has just started to organize, and we hope that they will be able to eventually resume an App Store presence for Emerald Timestamp, Emerald Observatory, and Emerald Chronometer. If you would like to be part of this process, please reach out for now to (I’ll update this post with a more permanent contact mechanism if one becomes available).

A copy of the Emerald Sequoia website (excepting only this blog) is also up on GitHub. You can view the website here: (this might be a good candidate for a bookmark, as it should last as long as GitHub itself does).

Emerald Time and the WearOS version of Emerald Chronometer will not make it to open source:

  • Emerald Time does not use our highly-optimized NTP code that we developed for later apps and there are many alternative apps available in the App Store by other developers.
  • The WearOS apps use deprecated APIs that are no longer even documented (and may not work in upcoming OS versions). There are also far fewer WearOS customers (and thus far fewer people interested in taking over the code maintenance).

Thanks one more time for all of your support over the past 15+ years!

 – Steve & Bill