For those of you who have always wanted to wear Emerald Chronometer on your wrist (and really, who of us hasn’t 😉), now you can!

We’ve just completed a long effort to port Emerald Chronometer to Wear OS by Google (this is Google’s watch OS, which used to be called Android Wear). It’s available as a package of 21 watch faces (a subset of those available in our iOS products, plus a couple of new ones special to Wear OS).

To use it, you’ll need a watch running Android Wear 2.0 or greater (or, as it’s now called, Wear OS 1.0 or greater). This doesn’t include the Apple Watch, unfortunately, but there are a number of watches available. See our mini-FAQ below.

You can read all about the new app here.

Thanks again for all of your support and kind words over the years!


1. Why not the Apple Watch?
Apple does not allow developers to create custom watch faces.

2. Which faces from iOS are missing on Wear OS?
The three timing faces (Istanbul, Olympia, and Thebes) are currently not implemented for Wear OS. Also, Atlantis has changed considerably (we think for the better). Note also that the faces that appear on the “back” in iOS are separate faces in Wear OS; for example, the iOS “watch” called Geneva is two faces in Wear OS, Emerald Geneva (the front) and Emerald Basel (the back).

3. Which watch do you recommend?
We can’t really recommend a specific watch, since we haven’t personally tested most of them. That said, we recommend seeking out a model, running Wear OS 1.0 or greater, with a long battery life (not because of our app, which is very efficient with energy, but to make sure you have a good experience overall). Our best personal experience has been with the Fossil Q Gen 3 Explorist, but as we say, we haven’t tested very many of them ourselves.

4. I’ve bought a watch and have more questions!
As always, please see our full FAQ (the one for Wear OS is at and then email us if you have trouble.