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Emerald Geneva 1.0

Los Gatos, California, December 28, 2009.  Emerald Sequoia LLC today released Emerald Geneva, a Lite version of its critically acclaimed Emerald Chronometer iPhone app, following closely an update of Emerald Chronometer to version 3.0.  Both apps model a running mechanical watch, with very fine precision and an emphasis on astronomical complications.  Emerald Chronometer was Apple app of the week  in July 2008, an Apple "Staff Favorite" in December 2008, and was rated the BEST clock app at appreview.com.  Both apps are available now at the app store (Emerald GenevaEmerald Chronometer).


Emerald Geneva

Emerald Chronometer Geneva

Emerald Geneva, with an introductory price of $0.99 in the US, models the watch Geneva, designed by Emerald Sequoia LLC, which is the most complicated of the 14 watches shipped with Emerald Chronometer.  Geneva has the following features:
- NTP (atomic time) synchronization
- Sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset dials
- Moonphase
- Perpetual calendar
- Eclipse predictor
- Ability to quickly set watch to any date from 4000 BCE to 2800 CE
- Location setting with four ways of setting location and timezone
- Zodiac constellations
- Lunar node indicators
- Sidereal time
- Precession of the equinoxes
- Right ascension of Sun and Moon


Emerald Chronometer 3.0

Emerald Chronometer Firenze

Emerald Chronometer includes Geneva and 13 other watches, and has been available since the App Store opened in July 2008.  Version 3.0 of Emerald Chronometer, released earlier this month, adds displays for the positions of the 6 inner planets (through Saturn), a new grid mode that shows multiple watches running simultaneously, and a sophisticated location-setting system with four ways of setting your location and timezone.  The image above shows just one of the new watches (out of a total of 14 now included).

The help system describing all of these watches has been described by a reviewer as the best Help system available for any app.  A copy of that help system, which also includes a 5-minute demo movie just scratching the surface of the functionality, can be found at the Emerald Chronometer web page


Emerald Sequoia LLC

Emerald Sequoia LLC is a two-person company whose combined experience in software development is over 55 years, and which has been involved with iPhone app development since the first beta development kits were available from Apple in the spring of 2008.


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